FDW Type: 
43 years
FDW Marital status: 
Summary of Spoken Language abilities: 
English:Fair Malay:Good
Other Food Handling Preferences: 
Maid Introduction: 

Lilis is 43 years old, married with a teenage son. She had worked in Singapore for almost 7 years. (2007 to 2014). She went home and she is now back to apply for domestic helper position. Lilis is a competent worker, who is adept in cooking , can cook a variety of local and Indonesian dishes. Being a mature person, she is a responsible, and reliable helper. Her previous employment, she took care of young children, elderly and did all around general housework and cooking. Lilis is able to communicate in English and has a good working attitude, and able to take instructions. She can understand and speak simple Hokkien.