Our Services

Trusted. Dependable. Committed.
AVERISE is trusted source for the provision of foreign domestic labor.
As recruitment specialists, we deploy maids from Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia. Our broad reach allows for scrupulous selection of good domestic helpers from around the region, employed by both locals and expatriates.
In addition to sourcing and deploying domestic labor, we ensure that adequate training is invested on these domestic helps. Amongst other things, each one is taught to cope with central domestic duties like food preparation, providing care for children, looking after elderly/physically impaired family members.
Managed by dedicated professionals, we can be depended on to provide affordable rates which are only surpassed by our INTEGRITY in service and firm COMMITMENT to quality.
Our services include – document processing for work permit application, renewal of passport, employment contracts and home-leave many others as you can find on our SERVICES page. We also provide direct hire services.
Our depth of experience in the provision of domestic labor is your assurance.
Your domestic contentment is our RESPONSIBILITY.